Beny V-Fit Sports Weight Benches

Beny V-Fit weights benches are great for beginners and provide a very cost effective home weight training solution. Their benches are sturdy yet compact so will be great for homes with relatively small areas to work within.

The V-Fit benches range includes multi-pupose, 13 in 1 weights benches as well as more advanced bench sets with pec flys, leg attachments and lat pull-downs equipment.

One of their benches which is for more budget conscious consumers is the V-Fit Herculean STB09-1 Folding Weight Bench. Those looking for something with a bit more variety may be interested in the V-Fit STB/09-4 or V-Fit STB/09-4 Folding Weight Training Bench.

Beny V-Fit are a company that has been more recently established compared to others in the fitness industry. They are however held with high regards, developing innovative technology and providing a comprehensive range of exercise equipment all over the world. Some of their products include cross trainers, treadmills and weight lifting equipment including Beny V-Fit benches.

Beny Sports V-Fit 13 in 1 Multi Adjustable Training Bench

Beny V-Fit 13 in 1

With a total of three exercise stations which include crunches, sit-ups, and fly exercises, this multi adjustable training bench from V-Fit also comes with a ...

V-Fit STB/09-4 Folding Weight Training Bench

Side with preacher curl

The V-Fit STB/ 09-4 Folding Weight Training Bench is one of your must-haves in your own gym at home. This is a training bench of ...

V-Fit ST Total Body Bench Training System

V-Fit ST Strength Training System

The V-Fit ST Total Body Bench Strength Training System is one of the most affordable weight benches in the market to date. For only £59.00, ...