Golds Gym Weight Benches

Gold's Gym is a unique fitness company that started out as a Gym in Venice Beach, California and now has over hundreds of locations all over the world. They also have their own weight lifting equipment range that includes a wide range of accesories like push-up bars as well as larger equipment like Golds Gym Benches.

Prices of their weights and Golds Gym weights benches are very affordable and designed for the regular gym user or beginner. All benches are heavy duty and built to a high standard, with one in particular, the Golds Gym Maxi Dumbell Bench standing out from the rest. For more advanced users looking for a bench press, squats and legs workout the Golds Gym Maxi Workout Bench is a strong, sturdy set that will also look the ish in your home.

Gold’s Gym Weights Bench

Utility Bench

This utility bench from Gold Gym offers you the best work out that you could ever think of. With an adjustable and extra padded back ...